Prakash Shrestha

Mr. Prakash Shrestha is an esteemed banker with over two decades of experience working at various financial institutions - commercial banks, development banks and finance companies in Nepal. As the Chief Executive of Lord Buddha Finance Company (FINCO) for 4 years till it merged with Global IME Bank, Mr. Shrestha led growth and expansion of the FINCO, and contributed in increasing shareholders’ value. He was also instrumental in establishing Green Development Bank and also served as the bank’s Chief Executive for 4 years, leading its early growth and expansion. Additionally, he held senior management positions at Lumbini Bank, and Union Finance.

With over 20 years of experience, Mr. Shrestha is also an accomplished hydropower professional. He possesses an extensive knowledge, skill and experience of project feasibility, budgeting, implementation/management, supervision and monitoring of hydropower development and operation. He also has extensive proven experience of raising capital for hydropower development.

Currently, Mr. Shrestha is working as a Vice President of Hydro Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Aviyan Investment Group of Nepal, and a Managing Partner of Aviyan Capital Management Pvt. Ltd. In personal capacity, he sits on the Board of Green Development Bank and is a Financial Consultant to a number of hydropower companies.

Mr. Shrestha holds an MBA from Tribhuvan University. He is also a Skill Level Certified Accountant. Additionally, he has attended a number of trainings, seminars and workshops conducted in the areas of banking, project management, corporate governance, compliance  and risk management, financial modeling, marketing, legal, computer etc. Mr. Shrestha is fluent in Nepali, English, Hindi and Newari.