The Group’s major objectives are highlighted below:

    • Pooling of capital from retail/underrepresented and other investors from all over Nepal, and invest in various economic sectors of the country. Primary/Focused sectors for investment are: i) Hydropower, ii) Real Estate & Hospitality, iii) Small & Medium Sized Enterprises particularly those which promote exports and substitute imports, (iv) Niche Agricultural & Forestry Products v) High Tech Start Ups;
    • Provide retail/underrepresented investors a unique alternative investment (other than investing in stocks of companies listed in Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE)) opportunity in a portfolio of relatively larger projects;
    • Maximize shareholders’ value by generating comparatively higher returns on their investment;
    • Provide investors diverse and numerous investment opportunities;
    • Foster liquidity and entrepreneurship and create employment opportunities;
    • Assist in promoting and expanding exports basket of the country;
    • Provide high-tech startups a much needed access to capital;
    • Explore and invest in industries that manufacture niche agricultural and forestry products including Medical & Aromatic Herbal Products (MAPs).

      Based on above listed objectives, below are major goals the Group hopes to achieve:
    • Contribute in the economic development of the country and assist in its smooth graduation from least developed countries to middle income developing countries and beyond;
    • Assist in reducing trade deficit by promoting and investing in i) high tech start ups, and ii) SME’s that promote exports and substitute imports;
    • Reduce outmigration of Nepalese workforce/ workers;
    • Assist every Nepalese to become prosperous and be a part in reducing income disparity.