Projects in Pipeline

July 8, 2022

At present, the Company is planning to develop the following projects, and seeking investment from prospective investors:

  • A luxury Agri-Resort and Wellness Retreat in Panchkhal, Off Dhulikhel, Kavrepalanchowk District;
  • A Housing Project in Bhaktapur;
  • A unique mobile and web based real estate property management software application (App);
  • Aviyan Hydropower (23.8 MW);
  • Aviyan General Insurance;
  • Aviyan Micro-Insurance (both Life and Non-Life)

Site for the development of the above-listed real estate projects (Agri-resort and housing) is already identified, and negotiation is going on for acquisition of the land. Prototype development of the App is already completed and is ready for escalation and commercialization. Useful for managing all types of residential (stand-alone houses, housing projects/colony, apartments etc.) and commercial (office and retail space) properties, some of the major features of the App include digital collection and payment of rent and utility (electricity and water) charges, e-notice, online request and processing for repairs and maintenance, safety and security measures etc. Based on our preliminary analysis, return on investment (Internal Rate of Return, IRR) of these projects is forecasted to be at least around 20%. A summary of preliminary feasibility analysis of the aforesaid projects including details of the site of the real estate projects and demo of the App, will be presented/shared with prospective investors, if an interest for investment is expressed.

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