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Aviyan Power Company Private Limited is currently developing an 80 MW peaking run-of-river (PROR) type hydropower project. Named “Super Chuwa Khola Hydropower Project”, the project is located on the bank of Chuwa River, a tributary of the Karnali River located in Simikot and Kharpunath Rural Municipalities, Humla District in Karnali province of Mid-western Nepal. The nearest grid connectivity is at Kharpunath Temple which is approximately 10 KMs from the proposed project site.

Aviyan Power Company Pvt. Ltd. is implementing the following project:

Super Chuwa Khola Hydropower Project (80MW)


Super Chuwa Khola Hydropower Project (SCKHEP) is a peaking run-of-river (PRoR) type hydro project. Chuwa Khola, tributary of Karnali River, flows in the Humla District of Karnali Province has a huge potential for hydropower development due to its terrain and hydrology. Super Chuwa Khola Hydropower Project lies in Humla District in Karnali Province of Nepal. The capacity of the project is 80 megawatt (MW). 


The project area can be accessed through Simikot, the headquarter of Humla District, which is to be accessed from Kathmandu by about 1-hour flight to Nepalgunj followed by another 50-minute fight to Simikot or 601 km drive to Surkhet followed by half hour flight to Simikot. From then, a motorable road is connected upto confluence of Chuwa Khola. Then, a trail road is continued up to the proposed both headwork’s area.

Alternatively, the Project Site can be reached in almost 5 days from Kathmandu. Which is accessed by approx. 752 km long black-topped road from Kathmandu via Prithivi Highway, East-West Highway, Ratna Highway, and Karnali Highway) up to Manma Bazaar of Kalikot. From there (Manma Bazaar) Weathered Road leads till Sarisalla Village which is approximately 150 km fair weather earthen road and also the nearest road head from the project area. The project site is about 25 km from Sarisalla village which is accessible via a foot trail.

Location of the Project:

Key Features of the Project:

Project Location:

Simikot Rural Municipality, Humla

Access to Site:


Project Type:

Peaking Run-of-River (PROR)



Installed Capacity:


Project Coordinates:

81° 57' 44" E to 82° 01' 12" E

29° 59' 00" N to 30° 02' 15" N

Phase of Project







Survey License

Granted by DOED

For 80 MW

Feasibility Study

Under Progress

Hydro Engineering and Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

Topographical Survey  and Mapping

Under Progress

KSM Engineering Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.


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